Kitchen trends are BIG this year. Discover the best kitchen trends in 2021 and feel inspired for your kitchen remodel! The past year has seen significant increases in kitchen remodeling. Take a look at some of what’s trending in kitchen & countertops.

Kitchen Trends

Organic Style This style reflects the clean lines seen in still-popular contemporary and transitional kitchens but incorporates the warmth and textures of natural materials. This style also includes elements that reflect an eclectic personalization of the homeowner.

Warm Colors – While white remains the favorite color, warmer shades will replace the cool tones of recent years

Islands – During the past year, large islands have become an essential in kitchens. In addition to serving as a place for food prep, cooking, and storage, the kitchen island has developed as a workstation not only for food prep but also to accommodate studies with numerous outlets.

Increased Storage – As kitchens have seen greater volumes of pantry goods and small appliances, additional storage and organizational components will be integral to kitchen design.

Countertop Trends

Quartz Remains a Favorite

Quartz is one of the most in-demand countertop material in 2021due to the variety of colors and looks. Manufacturers are introducing more warmth in the palette after years of offering primarily cooler tones. Natural marble will continue to be popular in 2021.

Adding Character

A key trend this year will be merging countertop materials with elements of individual personality. This will be reflected in textured, veined, and patterned surfaces, organic style, and varied hints of shine.

Honed Finishes

While polished finishes remain the most favored, honed or matte finishes are gaining in popularity. A honed finish can be applied to various countertop materials including quartz, marble, and granite. Due to its absence of shine, a honed finish conceals marks and scratches, and is compatible with a variety of design aesthetics.

Color and Contrast

Using color for countertops will allow you to play with more options to create a unique and individualized design. This way, your countertops and cabinets will add contrast to your kitchen and will be a beautiful focal point to your design.


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