The many uses of slab are listed for lots of DIY fun.

Remnants: those pieces of slab that are left over after installing natural stone. You may have some from a recently completed project, or they can be found at slab yards such as ours at Distinctive Marble & Granite. The question is, “What can I do with them?” Here are three ways in which you can add stone remnants to the décor of your home.

1) Kitchen Accessories

Food Serving Trays: This is one of the most popular uses of remnants – an impressive statement piece that requires little material. Small-to-medium size remnants can be cut into a serving tray upon which you can artfully arrange cheese, fruit, and charcuterie.

Cutting Boards: Another use for remnants is to turn them into functional and beautiful cutting boards. These can be used to help protect your countertops from knife damage.

Coasters and Trivets: The smallest remnants can be converted into coasters or trivets, both of which are excellent for protecting your countertops or tables. Granite is excellent for these usages, as it is extremely heat resistant.

2) Furniture and Décor

Tabletops and Desktops: Remnants can be used to give new life to an old piece of furniture. Consider using remnants to top accent tables, a coffee table, sofa table, entryway table, bar, buffet, or desk.

Shelving: Another use for remnants is to transform them into beautiful floating shelves. Even if you don’t need extra shelving from a functional standpoint, they can add a stylish touch to any room in your home.

Mantelpieces: A remnant can make a beautiful mantelpiece. Even if it doesn’t match the entire width of your mantle, the remnant can be cut into uniform sections and placed side-by-side.

Lamp or Candle Bases: Even the smallest remnants may be used to enhance the décor of your home by turning them into sturdy, elegant bases for lamps or candles.

Backsplashes: One of the best options for remnants is to create aesthetic backsplash sections. Larger remnants may be used in the kitchen, while smaller remnants are excellent in the bathroom.

Windowsills: Older windowsills can take away from the high-end, luxury aesthetic usually achieved with the installation of natural stone countertops. Using a remnant for granite or marble window sills can perfectly complete any remodel.

Flooring: While wooden or tile floors may be more traditional, a natural stone remnant such as granite can give you a unique flooring option. Whether you lay it out in a pattern, or use it as is, your floor will be durable and eye-catching.

Wall Art: Large blank walls are often difficult to fill and decorate – and leaving them blank can be boring. Using pieces of natural stone remnants can provide for a unique option that will make your space memorable.

3) Garden and Landscape

Flower Bed Borders: Using natural stone remnants to border your flower beds can transform your garden into an eye-catching, breathtaking space. With the wide array of colors available, your flower bed will appear to be continuously in bloom.

Outdoor Benches: Remnants are great to create unique, striking, and durable outdoor benches – perfect to be used in a lush garden or near a warm fire pit.

Now What

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