Congratulations on choosing a material for your new project!  Now that you have decided in what material you want your countertops fabricated, it’s time to decide what finish you would like your countertops to feature! Maybe you are not sure how to decide which finish is right for you, or maybe you don’t realize that there are different finish options! Regardless, we will help you understand the differences between honed, polished, and leathered surfaces so you can choose an option that works for your desired style and needs!

Polished surfaces are one of the most popular choices for countertops! Most slabs come in a polished finish which give the stone on your countertops a shiny, glossy look.  The polish also acts as an extra level of protection for your countertops, making them less porous and able to withstand stains. In terms of retaining the luster of the polished look, it is important to clean these surfaces often.

Polished Surface


Honed surface is a ground down smooth, flat, consistent surface, producing a non-reflective, matte finish that creates a softer feel.  This non-reflective quality allows honed finish to mask etches and stains better than a polished finish. This is perfect if you are looking for a more subdued, natural look for your countertops! However, this finish can make the stone more susceptible to staining and requires consistent cleaning with proper sealers and periodic sealing.

Honed Surface


Leathered surfaces are given a finish that allows the natural stone to have a textured appearance, while still maintaining the natural color of the stone. Leathered surfaces typically have a soft sheen.  They are not nearly as reflected and shiny as polished surfaces. Leathered finishes close the pores of the stone, hiding fingerprints, water spots and smudges well, but does not prevent etching and staining. Soft to the touch, it adds another level of character to countertops with this finish!

These different finish options help to make your countertops even more unique to you, fitting the style of your space perfectly!  Distinctive Marble & Granite can provide any of these surfaces with most natural stone choices.  Call today for more information or stop into our award-winning showroom to make your choice.

Leathered Surface