The kitchen is the heart of your home. There are many benefits of having an island in your kitchen – but here are some of our favorites!

We have said that the kitchen is the heart of your home – that place where everyone inevitably gathers. And while the kitchen is the heart of your home, an island can be the heart of your kitchen.

Here are some benefits of having a great kitchen island.

Add Prep And Cooking Space

A common reason people choose to have a kitchen island is that it creates more surface space upon which to prep and cook. This can be highly valuable, especially if you have a smaller kitchen.

Adds Storage Space

A kitchen island can provide many additional storage opportunities, making your kitchen more functional, convenient, and efficient. You can get very creative with the design of your island and storage space, building cabinets and shelves both below and above the island. You can also build customized storage elements for plates, dishes, cups, pots, utensils, and wine.

A kitchen island is also an excellent space to house amenities you might have always wanted, but never had room for, such as microwave drawers or wine refrigerators.

Creates A Gathering Space And More Seating

It’s wonderful to be with family and friends while you’re cooking and preparing meals. A kitchen island with raised chairs or bar stools can create a comfortable space for people to gather, talk, and relax, while maintaining a physical distance from your work area. It can also serve as a space to serve appetizers, as well as for informal dining.

It’s Great For Kids

Helping to prep or cook. Doing homework. Eating snacks. Just hanging out. Kids love to be in the mix (well, until they’re teenagers). A kitchen island is a great place for that to happen.

It Creates A Focal Point

Aside from functionality, a kitchen island adds a style to both your home and kitchen, and is a reflection of your personality and aesthetic. When people visit your home, your kitchen island will be a source of visual interest and one of its main focal points.

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