Spring is a season focused on new changes and getting ready for what is ahead. If a kitchen remodel is on your “spring to-do” list, keep reading for steps to follow when remodeling your kitchen to make it as cost-effective and stress-free as possible!

Our kitchens are where many of us spend most of our time with family and friends. It is the room where people gather to cook together and enjoy meals and conversation. Naturally, we want this space to be inviting and conducive to our specific lifestyle needs!

Step 1: Determining the Severity of the Project

Are you going to completely overhaul your kitchen or just update features such as lighting, countertops, and cabinets? If you want your kitchen to look completely different, then you will have to walk through the demolition process so you can start fresh.

Determining your project will help you know what you need to plan for, and budget accordingly. While it may be exciting to completely demo your kitchen and start new, changes to countertops, cabinet color, and updating appliances can give your kitchen a huge face-lift!

Step 2: Decide on Style and Colors

Once you have your project size in mind and priced out, you can start on the fun part of designing on what your new kitchen will look like. What colors will it feature? Will it have a more farmhouse chic look, or lean more industrial and modern? Picking out a style makes the next step of choosing countertops, cabinetry, tile, and updated lighting fixtures easier – especially if you have a color palette you want to work with. You will need to determine if you want granite, marble or quartz for your countertops.

Step 3: Updates and Installs

After you settle on a style you can get started on the hard work! It’s time to pick out the updates for your kitchen, which may include brand new countertops, cabinets, flooring, backsplash, etc… Let’s take countertops for example! You’ll want to take your lifestyle and goals for your kitchen in mind when choosing new countertops. Do you want to expand your kitchen island so you can have more space to cook?

At Distinctive Marble and Granite, we will help you determine the best material to use for your new countertops and walk you through our process. When you tour our award-winning showroom in Plain City, Ohio you can see our available granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite slabs up close and in person! We have a wide variety of slabs to choose from to fit your unique style and preferences.

Step 4: Step Back and Enjoy Your Hard work!

Once your kitchen remodel is done, you can step back and enjoy all of your hardwork! Now your space is updated to best suit your needs and design styles, and you can enjoy the beautiful end-result of your project.

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen or simply update your countertops, Distinctive Marble and Granite is here to help bring your vision to life! We will work in almost any budget and offer you affordable pricing.