Description: Explore the question of when and why to replace kitchen counters. 

People often don’t pay enough attention to their kitchen countertops. They  assume that once they’re installed they will last forever. The past year, however,  is changing that. After spending so much time at home, people are thinking differently – they’re thinking about upgrades and where to begin. Here are six reasons to  consider replacing your kitchen countertops.


1) Their Condition 

Cracking or Erosion: The leading reason to replace countertops is simply that  they’re already damaged. Countertops are one of the most used areas of a  home, and damage is sometimes impossible to avoid. They may be subject to  cracking if they’ve been exposed to extreme heat, or if they’ve supported weight  with uneven distribution. A crack in your countertop can result in a dangerous  sharp edge causing damage or injury. Erosion may occur due to constant use of  the same spot. As a focal point of your kitchen, a damaged kitchen countertop  can make the entire space unattractive.

Stains, Discoloration, or Burns: Countertops are subject to heavy use, and it’s  unavoidable that they become stained, discolored, or perhaps burned over time. Countertops that are porous can be stained by liquid spills. Discoloration can  occur if a countertop is exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.  Burns can occur from hot pots and pans. When these happen, it’s almost  impossible to restore the countertop to its original condition, resulting in a  noticeable blemish at a focal point of your kitchen.


2) They’re Dated 

Some countertops reflect the age of a house in ways that are less-than-flattering.  Countertops constructed with dated materials and colors that are no longer in  style negatively announce the age of the house, and detract from its overall  appearance. Imagine an otherwise elegant kitchen with a mismatched and dated  countertop. It’s not a pretty sight.


3) A Change in Color Scheme 

Sometimes changing the color scheme of a kitchen calls for replacing the  countertops. A kitchen upgrade is a worthwhile investment, and it’s wise to  consider how the color of the countertop might interact with the new color

scheme. Color is a powerful design element that can completely change the look  and feel of a space.


4) New Fixtures and Features 

Adding new kitchen fixtures and features often requires that you replace the  countertops. For example, if you’re adding a second sink or extending your  countertop, it would be advisable to install a new countertop rather than trying to  match the new and old surfaces.


5) A Change in Lifestyle 

Lifestyle changes often require a need for more space and an upgrade of kitchen  countertops. Among the most common of these lifestyle changes are a growing  family and an increased desire to entertain and cook at home.


6) Increase Your Home’s Value 

Replacing kitchen countertops is one of the easiest ways to increase a home’s  value – kitchens are major selling points. If you’re thinking about selling your  house, keep in mind that most potential buyers prefer homes that don’t need a  large number of upgrades.


Now What 

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