A new year always brings new trends to keep an eye on! New trends can even include countertops, as décor styles for kitchens and bathrooms are ever changing. Since the possibility are basically endless when you choose quartz countertops, we identified 5 trends that we think will be huge this new year!

Dark Countertops Paired with Light Cabinets

There is something striking about dark colored countertops paired with white cabinets! The bright, minimalist trend for kitchens is one that’s here to stay. In the past, it has been trendy to pair white or light-colored cabinets with countertops that are a similar color or shade. Choosing to pair dark grey or black quartz countertops with cabinets that are white or a lighter shade adds stark contrast and a feeling of sophistication to a kitchen space!

Leathered Finish

When it comes to remodeling or upgrading your kitchen countertops, tactile or textured surfaces are gaining popularity amongst homeowners. Quartz countertops with a leathered finish adds a unique, textural element to your space. When you think of quartz countertops, you often think about ones with a polished finish – so they are shiny and reflective. Leathered finish countertops are not as reflective, setting them apart from the norm. Leathered finish countertops are especially stunning in darker shades.

Bold Patterns

Say hello to bold and realistic veining patterns for your kitchen countertops or master bathroom countertops, shower and floor. These patterns can add a bit of character to your countertops or any room making your space look interesting and artful. This quartz countertop option is perfect for kitchen remodels aiming for simplicity and elegance.

Wrap Around Effect

Waterfall edges give a nice continuity to kitchen countertops but doing it all around creates a unique look to your kitchen island and kitchen. Using the same quartz slab for the backsplash extends the drama beyond the center of the room.

Full Height Backsplashes

Not only does quartz make for beautiful kitchen countertops, but it makes for a breathtaking backsplash as well. Backsplashes are now being designed with taller slabs of quartz for a bolder, more integrative look compared to subway tiles. The slabs rise to the ceiling and replace the traditional cabinets above the stove.

Which trend do you think will be a big hit this year? If you are looking to update your countertops, Distinctive Marble and Granite would love to work with you!