Durability, ease of maintenance, cost, the environment, and project limitations are all reasons why granite is preferable over quartz countertops.

Are you in the market for new countertops? Trying to decide between granite and quartz? The decision can be difficult. While both materials have their benefits, the nod goes to granite as the better choice. Here are some surprising reasons why.

1. Durability

Simply put, granite is more durable than quartz. While quartz is durable, the breadth of activities that occur on or around a kitchen countertop – cutting, picking up hot pots and pans, using small appliances, moving heavy bowls – require a material that can withstand considerable use, as well as the possibility of accidents and abuse. The following are specific examples of how granite is more durable than quartz:

– Granite is much more heat resistant than quartz.
– Granite scratches less easily than quartz.
– Chips to granite are easier to repair than chips to quartz.
– Quartz fades in the sun.

2. Ease Of Maintenance

Because granite is a natural stone, it is porous and therefore subject to stains. This, however, is easily remedied by applying a sealant once or twice a year. This isn’t a big job – 10 to 15 minutes max. Compare this to repairing damage or discoloration to quartz from the heat from pots and pans. Well – you see the difference. Remember what we said about durability?

3. Cost

This one is straightforward – granite is less expensive than quartz. Call us to get a free estimate!

4. The Environment

Granite is a product of nature – 100%. It isn’t “engineered” or “manufactured.” It’s literally cut out of the ground, sawed into slabs, and then polished.

Quartz is an engineered stone. Natural materials are crushed, and then combined with color pigments and polymer resins that bond the materials
together. This process requires extra energy and resources, thereby producing more carbon emissions than the production process for granite.

5. Limitations

There are often problems during production of the quartz product. Anything from imperfections caused by resin pooling to dye lot inconsistencies to inferior materials. You are working with a man made product and quality can vary widely. Sink options are limited with the quartz option as well. Integrated sinks are not incorporated into a quartz countertop. You must use a drop in, flush mount or undermount sink – which can lead to more time and more money for your project.

We highly recommend sticking with granite countertops over quartz countertops for your next home or office project. Give us a call to learn how Distinctive Marble & Granite can help with your new countertops.

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